In Deep Water

A 3D Game Demo

What would you do if your essential human needs were taken away?

The Avans Expertise Centre for Technical Innovation (ETI), which focuses on realizing innovative technologies for a sustainable world, commissioned the development of a game set in a futuristic city. The city selected for the game was Singapore due to its potential for sustainability, viability, and resilience, as well as its vulnerability to natural disasters. However, one of the most pressing challenges the city faces is a growing water shortage. This was chosen as the central theme of the game's story.
Group project

Duration: 8 weeks

My roles: Unity programmer, Co-game designer, Co-writer

Grade: 9/10
Screenshot_20220102_171742 (1)
The game is set in the year 2050 and aims to convey a realistic portrayal of the future, using plausible elements based on research. The player will be presented with dilemmas at different levels, which are integrated into the narrative and visual environment of the game, and the concept of future mundanity is used to enhance the player's immersion.
As the global water crisis continues to escalate, Singapore can no longer rely on importing water from other countries. The research conducted for the game provided valuable insights into what the city might look like in the next three decades.
I spent the majority of my time working in Unity, utilizing C# for programming purposes. My previous experience with coding in various programming languages aided me in quickly becoming familiar with the program, enabling me to create detailed scripts within only a span of eight weeks.
In the final game, Singapore has transformed itself into a massive water collector, with rainwater being divided among all citizens and managed by an AI system. To accommodate the growing population, vehicles and other modes of transportation have been moved underground to create more livable spaces. The main character, Ryan Zhou, is facing a water leak in his supply, and he sets out into the city to find a solution. Along the way, he encounters other citizens and is faced with moral dilemmas that affect the outcome of the story.
The game was presented to the ETI and parties involved in the urban living lab, and the team was invited to participate in the "Smart Cities in Smart Regions" Expo in May 2022. The game is still in development and will eventually be released as a fully playable game.