A story and 3D designer

My name is Ashley Haagsma

Based in the Netherlands, I started my studies in Communication and Multimedia Design at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. People often get confused when I tell them what I study, but CMD is essentially a multi-disciplinary design education that teaches you how to create in various subjects, including game design, web design, robot design, and film design. So far, I have learned many different skills, such as storytelling, Unity, 3D-modeling, Adobe programs, critical thinking, and visual design. Before I discovered this type of education, I was studying Computer Science at the same university, but I soon grew bored with just programming and wanted to be more creative. That's when I stumbled upon CMD.

Now, four years into my studies, I will start my graduation project while simultaneously beginning my physics program at TU Delft. My goal is to combine physics and design to make them more comprehensible for others.

You can download my CV here (EN) (2022)