An Indie 2D Game Demo

Would you want to travel the universe if it meant leaving your home behind?

Astro is my first, small-scale independent demo game, which revolves around the story of a space traveler who aspires to encounter the gods of ancient Rome. The game is designed as a type of walking simulator where the player embarks on a journey of discovery, exploring various planets that are inhabited by these legendary deities. This individual project was created with the aim of expanding and enhancing my profile as a CMD Designer. My great interests have always been in astronomy and storytelling, so I wanted to combine these subjects in the game.
Solo project

Duration: 58 hours
The game was developed using GameMaker Studio, a visual game engine that enables the creation of 2D games for various platforms. With the aid of the software's proprietary programming language, which encompasses features of JavaScript, as well as other widely-used programming languages such as C++ and C#, I was able to construct and design the game in approximately 58 hours of dedicated work.
Prior to the actual programming of the game, a considerable amount of time was invested in designing the game's aesthetic appearance. After considering several different designs, I ultimately chose a pixel art style, as I deemed it to be more feasible for my first attempt at game design. The pixel art style was easier for me to work with as I was still learning the ropes of game design.