Lily and the Box of Colors

Pitch Bible

One of the biggest challenges in human life is losing someone we hold very dear. How do we navigate such a profound loss?

This project marked the beginning of my minor at AKV St. Joost in Development for Visual Storytelling. Organized by Frank Verheggen and Albert 't Hooft, this minor focuses on refining a concept in Visual Storytelling. Throughout this project, we received valuable guidance from both teachers and several artists who provided us with fantastic feedback, which greatly contributed to our final outcome. These artists included Mark Hoffmeier, Kenneth Anderson, Edwin Rhemrev, and Veerle Zandstra. In the end, we had the opportunity to pitch our project to Spiderverse's Art Director, Patrick O'Keefe, at the Playgrounds event. An experience that was incredibly beneficial.
Group Project

Role: Story Designer, Co-Environment 3D Artist

Duration: 5 weeks
In a world devoid of color and joy, Lily's life is overshadowed by profound sadness due to the loss of her brother Dion. One stormy night, a mysterious duck-like creature from the "world of color" emerges, seeking Lily's assistance in remedying the corruption that feeds on negative energy and is responsible for the greyness in her world. To defeat this malevolent force, they search for the "box of colors."

Lily and the enigmatic creature venture into the vibrant "world of color," where they face creatures that have already been corrupted, embodying her suppressed grief: denial, anger, bargaining, and depression.

Ultimately, in her quest for the box of colors, Lily confronts the painful chapter of her past—the loss of her beloved brother. Everything revealed is a creation of Lily's mind: Theon, a manifestation of Dion; the world of color, co-crafted by Dion and Lily; and the enigmatic "box of colors,” which is actually a cardboard box full of cherished childhood memories from Lily and Dion’s shared imaginations. It's a tangible representation of acceptance Lily had to find within. Initially, Lily was too afraid to reopen it, fearing that it would serve as a stark reminder of her loss.

Presenting the box to her parents, Lily actually finds solace in its memories, reuniting the family in shared grief. As she unlocks not just the box but also her heart, Lily cherishes the love and memories she once shared with Dion, finding healing in the process.

Before creating the pitch bible, I developed the entire story to eliminate any loose ends, even though only 20% of it made it into the pitch and the pitch bible. I did this to provide the other designers with a comprehensive understanding of the environment and character vibes. 

You can find the detailed story guidelines here.

You can view the full pitch bible here.

My primary responsibilities included developing the story, assembling the pitch bible, writing the pitch bible text, pitching the story, assisting the Head Environment Designer, and helping with structural project organization.

Below are parts of the final pieces that I made beside the story during this project;
This project will undergo further development until 02-12-'23, incorporating all the feedback we received at the end of the 5 weeks. Therefore, this page will be updated with the final results in a few weeks.